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Secure Ordering

Secure Ordering

Is it safe for me to order from your site?

Absolutely! We provide you with multiple methods of shopping, and have taken measures to insure your sensitive personal information remains safe and secure at every step of the way. If you are paying via credit card on-line, read on to see why you can do so without worry! If you still do not wish to pay on-line, we offer alternative methods, such as paying via check.

Why is it safe?

It is safe to order with us on-line because we utilize a technology called Secure Socket Layers (SSL). With this SSL technology, no one can read your credit card information as it travels from your browser to our servers over the Internet. The information is encrypted to insure your information is processed confidentially & accurately!

Another security advantage to shopping with us, is that we do not store your credit card information on our servers. In an age where criminals look to the Internet for personal gain, this is a good reason to feel safe with us!

Something to think about: compare shopping from the privacy of your home, submitting your credit card via a secure and reliable method, to shopping in a crowded department store. The chances are higher that someone will see your credit card number as you hand the card to the clerk!

What other ways can I pay?

  • For credit card purchases, you may also order via the telephone!
  • You can also pay via check, by mail.

To use either of these alternatives, add items to your cart & check out as your normally would, then select the option you would like to use for submitting payment. Be sure to make note of your order number!

What do I do if I suspect someone has made an unathorized purchase with my credit card?

You should contact your credit card provider immediately and notify them of exactly what you think happened, in accordance with their rules and procedures. They will investigate the matter on your behalf, or take whatever action they deem is appropriate.. If you believe our site is involved in any way, please notify us as well so we can help provide information to the best of our ability! Fortunately, under the Fair Credit Billing Act (in the U.S.), your bank cannot hold you liable for more than $50.00 of fraudulent charges. While we are confident you will not experience any problems related to our site, this is good information to keep in mind while shopping from anyone (on-line or off)!

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Wheel Bolt                     (145-3899         )
Wheel Bolt (145-3899 )

Fuel Filter                    (100-3192         )
How can you go wrong. Here are Genuine Toro Parts that are ..
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