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Hydration A-Plus (55 Gal.Drum)



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(660.00 lbs)

2021 Surfactant Research Trial | Hydration A-Plus  was tested head-to-head against well known surfactants. Hydration A-Plus  significantly improved soil moisture consistency and turfgrass quality throughout the trial.

Lower Application Rates
Enhanced Turfgrass Quality
More Consistent Soil Moisture
Dissolves bicarbonates and frees calcium; Available soil calcium will then displace soil sodium.
Prevents LDS due to its ability to hold moisture in soils that are water repellent.

Hydration A-Plus  utilizes ALPHA MAT Solution Technology

ALPHA MAT Solutions- These are exclusive Plant Food Company products which utilize our proprietary Mineral Acid Technology as the foundation to each formulation. This long-lasting acid based material performs for 21-28 days by releasing tied up nutrients, plus contains a soil penetrant for uniform water movement and salicylic acid that helps the plant manage the available moisture.

Will ALPHA MAT Solutions benefit you? When you get a heavy rainfall, does your turf  green up  dramatically a day after? If you are nodding your head YES, then ALPHA MAT Solutions will work wonders for you. This overnight green up is likely due to high bicarbonate soils. Why does this happen? Rain water pH is low and this acidic rain water solubilizes tied-up calcium bicarbonate. The available calcium can displace the sodium, and overnight, you will witness a greener, healthier turf.

When you have tied up soil nutrients, they cause no harm, but they are also not usable. So, what breaks the bonds and makes these nutrients available? The answer: ACIDS. When you can acidify the moisture around the bonded nutrients, the acidity of the water (high amounts of hydrogen) will weaken the bonds allowing the bonded nutrients to be released. In other words, ACID based products, such as ALPHA MAT Solutions, will solubilize nutrients and make them more available for plant up-take

Defy the laws of standard wetting agents by leaving this product on top and allowing the chemistry to take control of both plant and soil hydrating while facilitating nutrient availability! Unlike standard wetting agents that must be immediately and excessively watered into the soil. Hydration A-Plus  is a Non-Burning, Plant & Soil Hydratng Chemistry that should be let on the surface requiring only a 3 to 5 minute rinse later that evening. Incorporate Hydration A-Plus  in each tank mix for Improved Playability while Saving Time, Money and Natural Resources.


- Low applicaton rates: 16 to 32oz/Acre/Week.
- Uniform water distributon across all surfaces.
- Soil bicarbonate reduction.
- Increased nutrient availability.

- Improved playing surface consistency.
- Increased firmness on all playing surfaces.

Container Size Options:

2x2.5 Gallon Case
30 Gallon Drum
55 Gallon Drum
275 Gallon Totes


Hydration A-Plus
Triple Action Performance
Plant & Soil Hydration
Water Penetration
Nutrient Solubilization

Salicylic Acid (SA) Bonus Performance Benefit:
SA enables the plant tissue to retain more water and enhances the plant s immune system through its natural defense systemic acquired resistance.

Application rate: 16 to 32 oz. per acre/per week

Available Options:

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 30 October, 2023.

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