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G.P. Magnesium Chelate(2.5gal)
2/Case 3% Organic Chelate



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(60.00 lbs)

Magnesium Chelate 3% is an organic chelate that provides magnesium in a soluble form, making it readily available for both soil and foliar application. Magnesium Chelate 3% is environmentally sound, and is made from organic sugars that are easily absorbed intact along with the chelated metal and utilized in the plant cell. Magnesium Chelate 3% is available for microbial activity in the soil. This type of chelate is especially efficient in high pH soils, or calcareous soils and is recommended over EDTA chelates. Magnesium Chelate 3% is a near neutral pH of 7.5 and is ideal for mixing with pH acid sensitive products. It is not affected by soil conditions, other nutrients or technical grade materials. Magnesium Chelate 3% will remain in a soluble form for plant uptake since it remains a double ++ charge ion and is not attracted to negatively charged soil particles. Magnesium Chelate 3% is compatible with all Growth Products professional fertilizers. Be sure to read all mix instructions prior to tank mix solutions.

Magnesium is a very important secondary nutrient. It is part of the chlorophyll molecule, and is necessary for sugar formation. Inadequate amounts of magnesium will first appear as a general loss of green color at bottoms of older leaves (interveinal chlorosis). Continued deficiency will also affect younger leaves, followed by formation of lesions. Magnesium deficiencies occur mostly in sandy soils and in extremely high pH soils. High level of calcium and potassium will also reduce magnesium uptake.

Turf Applications:
Soil testing is necessary to determine magnesium levels. Where magnesium levels are deficient or marginal, apply Magnesium Chelate 3% throughout the growing season This can be added to any fertilizer spray solution. For Bahia, Bent, Cenfipede, Tall Fescue, St. Augustine anc Zoysiagrasses: Apply 2-6 oz. of Magnesium Chelate 3% per 1,000 square feet with sufficient water for good coverage. For Bermudagrass: Apply 4-8 oz. of Magnesium Chelate 3% per 1,000 square feet.

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 28 January, 2005.

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2/Case 3% Organic Chelate
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