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Segway Flo (39.2 Oz.) 12/Case
( Agency Pricing Item ) *Pbi



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Active Ingredient:

Other Ingredients: .............................................. 65.5%

Pythium can cause significant turf damage in as little as 24 hours. Choose Segway fungicide first in your rotation to help prevent disease initiation and subsequent spread. Only Segway uses the active ingredient cyazofamid to stop spores from germinating, so you can tackle pythium threats before they become pythium problems. Whats more, Segway stops pythium in its tracks, even if symptoms have already appeared.

Disease pathogens are developing resistance to todays commonly used fungicides. Make Segway a regular part of your rotation and control pythium all season long. With its novel mode of action, Segway effectively prevents infection due to pythium diseases such as Pythium blight, Pythium root dysfunction and Pythium damping-off on greens, tees and fairways. So whenever a pythium risk arises, your course will be ready with Segway fungicide.

Proven pythium performance.

In university trials, Segway fungicide, applied at 0.9 fl oz/1,000 sq. ft, outperformed a variety of industry-standard pythium blight treatments. Segway delivered better than 80% control, compared to an average of only 66% control for other treatments. When applied at the same rate, Segway also provided excellent preventative control of pythium root dysfunction.

Application rate: 0.45 to .9 fl. oz. in 2 to 4 gallons of water per 1,000 sq. ft.

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 25 May, 2012.

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Pbi Gordon
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( Agency Pricing Item ) *Pbi
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