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G.P. 18-3-6 Classic (2.5 Gal)
2/Case 50% Srn With Micros



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(60.00 lbs)

Growth Products 18-3-6 with 50% Slow Release Nitrogen plus micronutrients is a professional liquid fertilizer solution made from only the highest quality N-P-K raw materials and micronutrients to assure a safe, reliable and efficient product. 18-3-6 provides a balance of quick release nitrogen for initial green up and 50% slow release nitrogen for a continuous steady feeding. 18-3-6 contains methylene urea from Nitro-30 (MDU), which resists leaching and provides a release over 8-12 weeks. The phosphorus and potassium are readily available for both foliar and root uptake. The K is a non chloride source. 18-3-6 provides fast green up without producing flush growth. Since all Growth Products are TRUE CLEAR SOLUTIONS, they are ideal for spray applications for turf, foliar feed and root injection of trees and ornamentals. Growth Products solutions are non-clogging and non-abrasive to equipment. No special agitation is needed. 18-3-6 is compatible with fungicides, herbicides and insecticides and can be mixed and sprayed in one application.

Growth Products 18-3-6 liquid fertilizer is recommended for all turf grass applications, including Bentgrass, Rye, Fescue and warm season grass. 18-3-6 can be safely used on Rye overseeded areas. 18-3-6 is ideal for both foliar spray and soil injectior of trees and shrubs. 18-3-6 is compatible with herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. No special agitation is needed.

APPLICATION RECOMMENDATIONS: Turf Applications: Growth Products 18-3-6 liquid fertilizer can be applied throughout the growing season on warm, transitions and cool season grasses. Application can begin in early spring and continue through fall at rates of 1/4 lb. to 3/4 lb. N (121 lm to 1.4 L) every 4-10 week intervals, (or as needed) per 1000 sq ft. Dilute with water according to desired nitrogen rate per 1,000 sq. ft. A typical rate would be 10 oz. in 5 gallons of water per 1,000 sq. ft. Please refer to label for you desired rate.

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 27 January, 2005.

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2/Case 50% Srn With Micros
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