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Irrigation Equipment (Non-Toro) » Leemco :

 Product Name-   Model 
 Leemco Q.C. Stabilizer 3/4"&1"   IR-LEEMCO-LS-120  
 Leemco Q.C. Stabilizer 1 1/2"    IR-LEEMCO-LS-150  
 Leemco 2" 304 Stainless Steel
Gate Vale W/Cross Top Handle
 Leemco 1" 304 Stainless Steel
Ball Vale W/Standard Handle
 8" X 8" X 8" Gxgxg Tee    IR-SB-888T  
 8" X 8" X 6" Gxgxg Tee    IR-SB-886T  
 8" X 8" X 4" D.I. Tee Ggg    IR-SB-884T  
 8" X 8" X 3" Gxgxg Tee    IR-SB-883T  
 8" X 8" X 2" D.I. Service Tee    IR-SB-804ST  
 8" X 8" X 2.5 D.I. Service Tee   IR-SB-805ST  
 8" X 8" X 1" Ggt Service Tee    IR-SB-802ST  
 8" X 8" X 1.5 D.I. Service Tee   IR-SB-803ST  
 8" X 4" Spg X G Reducer    IR-SB-84SBR  
 8" Mainline Gate Valve B X B    IR-LMV-88BB  
 8" Leemco Joint Restraint    IR-LG-800  
 8" Leemco Joint Restraint    IR-LH-800  
 8" Leemco D.I. Repair Coupling   IR-SB-800RC  
 8" Leemco D.I. 90 Degree Elbow   IR-SB-890B  
 8" Leemco D.I. 45 Degree Elbow   IR-SB-845B  
 8" G X G 22 Degree Elbow    IR-SB-822B  
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1 H.P. Motor Sng Phase 208/230<br>For Otterbine Concept 1        (IR-O616-001CB    )
1 H.P. Motor Sng Phase 208/230
For Otterbine Concept 1 (IR-O616-001CB )

1 H.P. Motor Sng Phase 208/230<br>For Otterbine Concept 1        (IR-O616-001CB    )
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